Gary Neville was sad to see Ronaldo end his career like this.

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville says it is sad to see Cristiano Ronaldo finish his career in the far away leagues.

         The Portugal international star has signed for Saudi club Al-Nasser. After becoming a free agent since being terminated by the “Red Devils”. Gary admits that seeing Ronaldo end his career in such a way is really sad.

         “Look, we’re definitely going to see less of him. It says a few things. It shows. Saudi Arabia How serious are football? They’ve invested £350m on one player and they’re going to the 2030 World Cup.” Gary Neville told Sky Sports UFABET 

         “I think he probably wants to stay in the big leagues of Europe. At least for the rest of this season. It tells you the offer was amazing and maybe the other European clubs he wanted to play for didn’t come in.

         “There is a sad element to me because we want to see the end of Cristiano Ronaldo playing at the top level. I think we can still do that at Old Trafford if both sides can clear things up. But it’s over and he’s going to play in Saudi Arabia.”

“We’ve all been through the end of our careers. But he is one of the coolest. It really sucks to see him like that. He had a very difficult few months.