Ten Hag arguing with his team leading the ghosts to make no progress.

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Manchester United legend Jaap Stam warns fellow countryman Erik ten Hag Must start to worry about having many problems with the team to the point of not being able to work smoothly throughout the past.

Ten Hag has had problems with the team all the way from Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa. El Varane and Jadon Sancho, while the team’s performance this season is not good.

After officially being eliminated from the Champions League last night, Stam said: “He must be worried and thinking about what’s going on right now.” “

You can ban players. But it is also about managing people. Methods of working and controlling players”

“There is the matter of Ronaldo. There is the matter of Sancho. Maybe Varane too. I don’t know if something has happened or not.”

“Now there are various stories on the media and the banning of journalists from repeated press conferences. As a manager it doesn’t go your way. “

You need to be calm… you don’t want to focus too much on other things like the players and the media.” “

You need to be really focused. fully I don’t think you want to talk about the players or what the players think about you as a manager. ” http://ufabet999.com

I’m quite worried about him. This is why if he gets results it should be better. “

I respect what he did in Holland. And what he did with Manchester United last year ′

′ I think he’s a great coach. I doubt myself about this. We even asked him via ViaPlay if we could see the style of play we saw at Ajax. When?”

“He said one thing. He talked about how he might never play like he did here with Ajax again. “

I’m surprised because I’ve seen De Zerbi and at Tottenham. Seeing the way they play ′

′ It’s about your players. But he invested a lot of money in the players he brought in. But are they the right players? According to my opinion They’re not.”

“In the first season, Ten Hag did very well in terms of winning trophies. Reached the final for another cup. Got to the Champions League”

“But it’s not about the way we play. Even in the first season Because it’s more about transitions ′

′ This is not what we know Ten Hag wants to play, mainly possession. Move a lot, move forward, giving you superiority in the opponent’s territory. But they have never done that.”