Introducing 5 ways to wear a watch Which one do you choose beautiful

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Introducing 5 ways to wear a watch. Which one do you choose beautiful and eye-catching?

Watches, jewelry that many people often wear. to tell the time Or wear it with the lifestyle of dressing. A watch is always a classy accessory in a simple form. But every wearer doesn’t just choose the type of watch or the beauty of the case. How to wear a watch is something that should not be overlooked. Because if worn incorrectly, it will make it look strange. And what kind of wear must be worn to meet the needs of use. Let’s look at the ยูฟ่าเบท details of choosing to fit the wrist better.

1. Choose a watch face style to suit your wrist style.

Every time you buy a watch Many people may overlook how to wear a watch. but to focus on the dial design and beautiful colors first and foremost Which is not a wrong way to buy like this. but must not forget to look at the dial size as well whether it is suitable for their own wrist or not If you choose a size that is too big or the shape does not fit your wrist, it will make the wrist and arm look disproportionate. and too bulky

2. Choose the width of the watch strap to fit your wrist.

The watch band that attaches to the wrist is just as easy to see as it is. with dial which, in addition to the adhesion function Choosing the size of the strap according to the size of the wrist is a way to wear a watch that requires attention. because there must be a width that fits the wrist Including the width must be balanced with the face. will look good in every wear And most importantly, it should not be too tight.

3. Choose a watch strap that is suitable for use.

The materials used to make watch straps are available in a wide variety. in order to meet the needs of how to wear the watch flexibly and meet the needs of use Whether it’s a metal strap, nylon strap, leather strap, fabric strap, silicone strap, etc., because each model has different weight, style, design and durability.

4. Choose a watch color that balances with your wrist.

Even knowing how to properly wear a watch But if you choose the wrong color It may cause the overall image of the wearer to not match. Or enough to deceive the eye. Because the choice of color can affect wrist size, skin tone and style. A wrist watch is also a type of jewelry. If you would like to suggest which color watch should chosen? Experiment with warm undertones, cool undertones, or neutral undertones.

5. Choose a watch that matches the clothes you wear.

Finally, what kind of watch to wear? The most important factor is inevitably the style of dress that day. If you want a watch to accentuate your outfit and style, should meticulous in choosing materials, dials and color schemes to match Including functionality. That goes in the same direction as well, such as a luxury metal strap watch. That is suitable for evening dresses for social events or an important business meeting While nylon or silicone band watches tend to go well with sporty and casual looks. more informal, etc.